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Request an Upgrade to Version 2
We are pleased to offer all currently registered users of Version 1.x calculators a free upgrade to Version 2.
Please fill out and submit the form below, and we will e-mail your Version 2 registration code(s).
If you already have version 2 and/or are interested in an upgrade not described here, please e-mail us with your request.
First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:

Phone number is optional, but we appreciate having a number in case we have difficulty responding by e-mail.
My current product:

Registration code(s):

This is a 16 character code, not counting dashes. You can paste this code from the e-mail that you received when you made a purchase. If you have a combo, please include both codes.
Upgrade Option:

The standard upgrade to Version 2.0 is free for all registered users of 1.x. However, if you would prefer to upgrade to Ultimate Advantage (our latest, most powerful calculator), we are offering this upgrade to currently registered users at the following special prices.

Currently registered product Price to upgrade to Ultimate
Advantage (Windows or Pocket PC) $29.95
Advantage (Combo) $39.95
Scientific Advantage (Windows or Pocket PC) $19.95
Scientific Advantage (Combo) $29.95
Jobber PDA or Jobber PC $9.95
Jobber Combo $14.95

If you check this box we will e-mail a special coupon code to allow you to purchase a copy of Ultimate advantage at the price listed above.
Comments or Notes: